I love top X lists! They are so amaze.

The lists are always so thought out and accurate and never filled with random things you’ve never heard of. SO I created my OWN Top list.

On a side note, I also really love “community” summits that are very inclusive of the people in a certain group.

Top 17 breakfasts that are too cool for WordPress Summits

17. Pancakes with Syrup with a side of YOAST SEO
16. Biscuits and gravy smothered in CSS
15. Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal and Gravity Forms
14. Denver Omelette, American Fries, and JavaScript
13. Eggs Benedict with Rewrite Rules
12. Bear Claw with a hot cup of BuddyPress
11. Egg McMuffin and Underscores
10. Breakfast taco with chorizo and PHP
9. Flapjacks with a side of post meta
8. French Toast stuffed with Strawberry C.P.T
7. Sunny Side Eggs with a side of fried template parts
1. Bacon, egg, and cheese Jetpack


And remember – FighterJet.io is part of every balanced WordPress breakfast




Yes this is a joke, yes I’m just ranting, and yes I don’t care what you think.