Future Engagements

Past Engagements

LoopConf 2.1

LoopConf 2.1 At LoopConf I was part of a 1 day long workshop with Josh Pollock of CalderaWP. Our workshop, Building AngularJS apps with the WordPress REST API, will focus on JavaScript and how the WordPress REST API can be used to build JavaScript applications with Angular.

WordCamp Montreal 2016

Talk: The case for the REST API, why do we even need it? There are many reasons ways the REST API can be utilized, but why should we care? Why are any of these reasons so good we need to have the API in core vs. a plugin? I will take a non-code approach to […]

WPCampus 2016

Workshop: JavaScript Applications Powered by WordPress and AngularJS JavaScript is a powerful language that you can use to do simple UI things like animation to building complex multi view single page applications. I want to focus on a small piece of functionality that you may need built. Whether it is a complex form, a UI piece […]

WordCamp San Diego 2015

Talk: WordPress, WP-API, and Client Side Applications Video Sorry no video 🙁 Slides WordCamp San Diego 2015 – WordPress, WP-API, and Web Applications from Roy Sivan

WordCamp LAX 2015

Talk: How To Level Up As a Developer Video Slides WCLAX 2015 Presentation | Level Up as a Developer from Roy Sivan

WordCamp Montreal 2015

Talk: Building Client Side Web Applications with WordPress and WP-API Video Slides Client Side Applications with WP-API WordPress – WCMTL 2015 from Roy Sivan

WordCamp Miami 2015

Talk: Building Client Side Web App Using WP-API Video Slides How to build Client Side Applications with WordPress and WP-API | #wcmia from Roy Sivan