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JavaScript Single Page App Admin Boilerplates

This was a unique project I wanted to take on after working with Josh Pollock. We discussed a few times that while themes are a great place for people to start, adoption should be in single page JS apps in the WordPress admin. We created one for the Ingot plugin, and I decided I wanted to create […]

Angular and React WordPress Theme

Just like my AngularJS WordPress theme was a way for me to learn AngularJS, I wanted to create a theme that allowed me to learn ReactJS. ReactJS is one of the newest JavaScript frameworks and it is backed by Facebook (unlike Angular which is backed by Google). I decided to leverage what I already knew (Angular […]

WordPress Live Chat

This plugin was powered by my AngularJS for WordPress plugin, as well as (now a Google product). This allowed for you to have text chat rooms on your site, using websocket connections and a bit of AngularJS magic, it made adding chatrooms easy. I also added in categorization. I was going to tie in […]

AngularJS for WordPress Plugin

Unlike my AngularJS WordPress Theme, this plugin was a way to get AngularJS into any theme that needed it. It provided not just the base AngularJS JavaScript code, but also had built in directives (for use anywhere) as well as AngularJS factories.

My Starter WordPress Theme

My WordPress Starter Theme was a quick starter theme I put together since I was not happy with what was out there. I was unhappy that you either had to choose from large starter theme frameworks, or starter themes that just had way too many template files. I wanted a minimal place to start since when […]

Stripe for WordPress

Stipe for WordPress Plugin. “Manage your Stripe Customers, Subscriptions, and Products from WordPress Admin” I built this plugin as part of a contracting gig. The client paid for modification for the plugin, which I had yet to create, a compromise I made when I realized their budget could not afford them to pay me for […]

AngularJS for WordPress Theme

This project was what started me down the path of learning AngularJS. If you look at the first version it was even before the WordPress REST API. I wrote a blog post about AngularJS meets WordPress and slowly have edited, tweaked, and worked on it since. The original blog post has been updated as I went along the […]