My best practices to developing with WP-API

I have been writing about AngularJS and the WP-API for over a year now, and in that year the WP-API has flourished into an awesome feature plugin slated for core integration. When? No one really knows yet, but speculation is on it happening in 2015, which means one of the next 2 big releases (probably the […]

WordPress Theme Primer List – What you need to know

What you need to know before getting into WordPress theme development. You don’t need to be an expert in all languages, but a good working knowledge is going to go a long way. Code & Functions These are the basics of code and functionality that you will want to learn before getting into theme development How to properly […]

Ajax Media Upload with jQuery and WP-API

We interrupt the normal blogging schedule of ‘Building a WordPress app’ to bring you a quick side tutorial. I couldn’t find much info on the interwebs to do this specifically, so figured I’d share with you how I did it. The Goal I wanted to create an AJAX form which you could easily both post […]

Lets Build a WordPress App Together – Part VI

Continuing on in our journey to creating this app. We now have functionality to create a new post, and while I want to get into post meta, I want to get back to creating a new user. As you may remember, a while back I mentioned that the default WP-API / JSON-REST-API does not actually support […]

Lets Build a WordPress App Together – Part V.5

This is a continuation of WordPress Application Build Part 5, so I am going to call this part 5 and a half. Or Part 5, back with vengeance. Where were we? Oh, ya we created the template with a basic form, but what does it all mean? We talked about ng-model in Part IV. We are […]

Lets Build a WordPress App Together – Part V

It has been a while since my last update to the web app, but a lot has been going on. With some extra time here before Thanksgiving, figured it would be worth a getting back up to speed and pushing onwards! Where we left off We left off with the Sign Up controller, and this […]

Lets Build a WordPress App Together – Part IV

Welcome to the latest installment of the WP Collab App! We are now getting hands on and creating a controller and view, and tying all functionality together. I figured the place to start is Signup for new users to register Signup Controller Dependencies / Injectables Before creating the actual controller and theme for Signup we […]

Lets Build a WordPress App Together – Part III

Let the build begin Last night after some tinkering with the Roots.IO and banging my head against the wall I realized that I should probably re-read the instructions on how to set it up. If you are getting 404 on all asset directory files (js, css), then check to see if you have all the […]

Lets Build a WordPress App Together – Part II

In Part I of this collaboration project start, I introduced the idea of building an app built with AngularJS, WP-API and WordPress. It stemmed from my post and WordCamp LAX talk about using WordPress as a faux MVC type framework to build web applications. Since no new ideas came, I have decided to build out my social […]

Lets Build a WordPress App Together – Part I

Over the weekend I was at WordCamp LAX and gave a talk about using WordPress as an application framework.  Here are my slides, it is in a post where I talk about using WordPress as a MVC type framework. Since I want to see more apps built on WordPress, since that will move it even […]