Running an AngularJS app in a WP theme template

This past weekend I was at WordCamp San Diego, and it was fantastic. I was not just a speaker this time, I was a sponsor. It was a great weekend filled with talking with old friends that are in the community, as well as meeting tons of new ones. As you can guess, my talk was […]

Using Firebase and WP-API to create Instant Interactions

A little while ago I was messing around with WebRTC, or real time communication specifically with video, and threw together a plugin using an API library for it. It stemmed from the original build of CodingOfficeHours, allowing users to have face-to-face video communications without using Skype, or any other program. This started my fascination with real time, socket […]

Lets Build a WordPress App Together – Part VII

Today is going to be a quick one, and as I get closer to my product that I want, I may slow down in my tutorials and pushing the code to the repo, I think half the learning experience is taking something that is ALMOST there, and making it your own, or customizing it. I mean […]

Lets Build a WordPress App Together – Part VI

Continuing on in our journey to creating this app. We now have functionality to create a new post, and while I want to get into post meta, I want to get back to creating a new user. As you may remember, a while back I mentioned that the default WP-API / JSON-REST-API does not actually support […]

Lets Build a WordPress App Together – Part V.5

This is a continuation of WordPress Application Build Part 5, so I am going to call this part 5 and a half. Or Part 5, back with vengeance. Where were we? Oh, ya we created the template with a basic form, but what does it all mean? We talked about ng-model in Part IV. We are […]

Lets Build a WordPress App Together – Part V

It has been a while since my last update to the web app, but a lot has been going on. With some extra time here before Thanksgiving, figured it would be worth a getting back up to speed and pushing onwards! Where we left off We left off with the Sign Up controller, and this […]

Lets Build a WordPress App Together – Part IV

Welcome to the latest installment of the WP Collab App! We are now getting hands on and creating a controller and view, and tying all functionality together. I figured the place to start is Signup for new users to register Signup Controller Dependencies / Injectables Before creating the actual controller and theme for Signup we […]

Lets Build a WordPress App Together – Part III

Let the build begin Last night after some tinkering with the Roots.IO and banging my head against the wall I realized that I should probably re-read the instructions on how to set it up. If you are getting 404 on all asset directory files (js, css), then check to see if you have all the […]

Lets Build a WordPress App Together – Part II

In Part I of this collaboration project start, I introduced the idea of building an app built with AngularJS, WP-API and WordPress. It stemmed from my post and WordCamp LAX talk about using WordPress as a faux MVC type framework to build web applications. Since no new ideas came, I have decided to build out my social […]

Lets Build a WordPress App Together – Part I

Over the weekend I was at WordCamp LAX and gave a talk about using WordPress as an application framework.  Here are my slides, it is in a post where I talk about using WordPress as a MVC type framework. Since I want to see more apps built on WordPress, since that will move it even […]