Juice Fast 2.0

I learned a lot of things after my last fast, which only lasted 3 full days (till dinner day 3). One thing I learned and that has kept with me, is the idea of just keeping to eating healthy. This has helped me tremendously after the fast, and has helped this second fast feel much […]

Feeling Better.. Almost back on track

These past couple weeks were rough, as one might have read on my latest blog posts. While they are more or less a venting session, they came from a deeper depression and real kill to my ego. It originated from a bad relationship with a client, which I took too personally. It made me rethink […]

Hard Times are no Excuse

Today is January 5th, 2013 I have not exercised since the Saturday before Christmas (Dec 22, 2012). There are no excuses, but I am going to try to reason with myself here for a second. Christmas in Vegas So, at some point in time there was a conversation where my sister and I thought that […]

Juicing, Its not easy.

A few months back I learned that my brother in law became a vegan, while I commended this, I never thought I could become a vegan. My sister followed suit not that long after. I never got it, why vegan? Was it a trend thing? Coming from a person raised in San Francisco, vegans seemed […]

What I learned about Walking

I am getting close to being done with 2 full weeks of walking done. I have changed my routine up a bit and instead of doing walks at night, I do them in the morning. It is great, I wake up at 6:45am, and I am out the door by 7. I usually try to […]

Walking, its better then sitting on the couch

What a week. This week marks the first full week I have added exercise to my new lifestyle as a routine. I have gone on a few hikes, however those are not routine.  It started with purchasing a jump rope off of Amazon for $10. My friend at work Justin has been helping, as I have […]

Losing Weight

As some of my friends may know I have changed my lifestyle up a bit… you could say that I have been on a diet, I say I have completed a life overhaul / lifestyle change. This, in a way to help myself be healthy and ultimately lose weight. It started with my friend and […]