Why you need a production family

A few weeks ago I started at an awesome company called Magnify360, and while everyone there rocks I was at dinner a few days ago with my roommate and we were reminiscing of our days at Ciplex. After we moved to our new office we had a team of about 6 that would consistently come […]

Why I am a Developer.

There are many reasons why I am a developer, there are many great reasons why anyone should be a developer. There are also many painstaking reasons why I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy. However, the good moments always outweigh the bad. In my last blog article I wrote about “The Lowest Common Denominator” as it […]

Feeling Better.. Almost back on track

These past couple weeks were rough, as one might have read on my latest blog posts. While they are more or less a venting session, they came from a deeper depression and real kill to my ego. It originated from a bad relationship with a client, which I took too personally. It made me rethink […]

Mobile Website Creation

A long time ago I wrote a 3-blog series about mobile including how to tell if someone is using mobile, how to tell and track mobile users, and whether or not e-commerce had a place in the mobile space. I get hits on these articles often enough from people searching Google, so thought I’d followup with the […]

Working without hierarchy

There are many tech companies out there that are starting to run a new model, no hierarchy. When I bring this up in interviews, or conversation with people, they always seem confused. “What do you mean you do not have a boss?… That is AWESOME!” You can find a few articles online talking about it, […]