My Angular WordPress Theme – version 7

It is now Sept 1 2016 and in about a month I’ll be at leading a workshop in WordPress, REST API, and Angular and I think in order to really offer the people that attend the best I can, I need to revamp what I know, and what I currently offer. Challenge: To Rebuild my Angular WordPress […]

WP-API v2 – Adding fields to all post types

While working on my AngularJS for WP plugin I noticed one of the main differences between the v1 of the REST API plugin and v2 is that with v2 you had to define api fields individually per custom post type. This was easy when it comes to post creation ’cause I required users to pass in […]

Running an AngularJS app in a WP theme template

This past weekend I was at WordCamp San Diego, and it was fantastic. I was not just a speaker this time, I was a sponsor. It was a great weekend filled with talking with old friends that are in the community, as well as meeting tons of new ones. As you can guess, my talk was […]

Using Firebase and WP-API to create Instant Interactions

A little while ago I was messing around with WebRTC, or real time communication specifically with video, and threw together a plugin using an API library for it. It stemmed from the original build of CodingOfficeHours, allowing users to have face-to-face video communications without using Skype, or any other program. This started my fascination with real time, socket […]

Lets Build a WordPress App Together – Part VII

Today is going to be a quick one, and as I get closer to my product that I want, I may slow down in my tutorials and pushing the code to the repo, I think half the learning experience is taking something that is ALMOST there, and making it your own, or customizing it. I mean […]

Lets Build a WordPress App Together – Part V.5

This is a continuation of WordPress Application Build Part 5, so I am going to call this part 5 and a half. Or Part 5, back with vengeance. Where were we? Oh, ya we created the template with a basic form, but what does it all mean? We talked about ng-model in Part IV. We are […]

Lets Build a WordPress App Together – Part IV

Welcome to the latest installment of the WP Collab App! We are now getting hands on and creating a controller and view, and tying all functionality together. I figured the place to start is Signup for new users to register Signup Controller Dependencies / Injectables Before creating the actual controller and theme for Signup we […]

Losing a Developer Mentor: Say it ain’t so Mr. Miyagi

Everyone should have a mentor, whether in life or professionally it is someone you can look up to and aspire to be greater from. Whether it is someone older who has seen it all, or someone just a few steps ahead of you in your desired career path, it is a great motivation to have […]

Lets Build a WordPress App Together – Part III

Let the build begin Last night after some tinkering with the Roots.IO and banging my head against the wall I realized that I should probably re-read the instructions on how to set it up. If you are getting 404 on all asset directory files (js, css), then check to see if you have all the […]

Lets Build a WordPress App Together – Part II

In Part I of this collaboration project start, I introduced the idea of building an app built with AngularJS, WP-API and WordPress. It stemmed from my post and WordCamp LAX talk about using WordPress as a faux MVC type framework to build web applications. Since no new ideas came, I have decided to build out my social […]