I'm not saying I am Batman.
But NaNaNaNaNaN JavaScript
What I Code

I love to code new projects, whether it is a WordPress plugin or theme, or maybe a custom JavaScript Application

I consider myself an expert in: AngularJS, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, CSS (and pre-processed CSS), and HTML.

Contact roy@roysivan.com

Yes, I do from time to time take on freelance work.
My rate ranges from $80 - 125 per hour

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Blog Posts

Yes I blog about stuff.. sometimes WordPress, sometimes development, sometimes nothing about really at all.

What is “WordPress”? What makes it so great? A Philosophical Look from a Developer

WordPress powers a large percent of the websites you view on the Internet today. The most important of which is obviously this one. At WordCamp Miami, I was talking with to Michael Chacon & Ptah Dunbar and we were discussing EmberJS, AngularJS, and WordPress. The question came up, what is WordPress. I brought up another conversation I had with John […]

wpRTC Plugin – v2 Release

Version 2 is here Over the past few weeks with help from some friends including Michal B. and Michael B. we were able to relaunch the wpRTC plugin that many in the community have downloaded and used. It is a major overhaul in the whole system while some legacy code remains and functionality remains the […]

My best practices to developing with WP-API

I have been writing about AngularJS and the WP-API for over a year now, and in that year the WP-API has flourished into an awesome feature plugin slated for core integration. When? No one really knows yet, but speculation is on it happening in 2015, which means one of the next 2 big releases (probably the […]